Canative Energy


We work hand-in-hand with Indigenous communities to further their economic empowerment.

Canative Energy assists in not only solving the technical and commercial challenges with growing a business, but we also help develop the internal capabilities of indigenous communities to ensure their businesses are sustainable for the long term. 


We are committed to strengthening the human capital of communities. We assist in developing strong and independent leaders who feel empowered to start their own projects and improve those are currently underway.

Canative do not take part of the profits from the businesses of the communities we work with. We rely in our strategic partners and financial supporters.

How we are changing the world?

Our Business Model

See how we work with Indigenous communities impacted by extractive industries 

to further their economic empowerment

Meet Fredy from the community Limoncocha - a community which is a great example of positive social change!



Canative Energy was built on these three pillars.  These values are inherent in everything we do.


We work directly with our Indigenous brothers and sisters develop commercial businesses which are both profitable and provide additional opportunities for the members of the community.  And we ensure these businesses are sustainable so as to support a continuous positive change.


The end result is dignity in the work the members of the communities engage in - not only fair pay and equal opportunities for all, but also the sense of pride which comes from success. 

We are proud of the work we do.

  • Formalisation of services and products offered

  • Legalization of companies

  • Assistance in the development of an adequate administrative process and process support systems

  • Draft and review of business plans

  • Implementation of basic accounting systems and internal financial controls

  • Drafting and review of operating procedures

  • Training to improve the quality of services and products

  • Development of plans to ensure that existing agreements can be fulfilled

  • Health and Safety Workshops (eg: importance of the use of protective equipment in the workplace) 

  • Market studies which identify customer segments and additional opportunities for expansion

  • Development of a unique marketing strategy

  • Website development and social media promotion

  • Development of image and brand identity

  • Photography and video production


In addition, Canative Energy generates innovative ideas to create sustainable businesses with diversified product lines, thus achieving coverage of systemic economic risks such as the fall in the price of oil.


We provide assistance to communities in the following areas:

  • Project financing and business case development

  • Assist communities in obtaining lines of credit and working capital management

  • Review of management accounts and costs 

  • Connections with potential new clients, both national and internationally

  • Assistance with negotiations with suppliers and clients

  • Development of relationships and channels for products and services

  • Workshops to build capacityies in the areas of accounting, marketing and administrative process workshops.

  • Educating children in basic business concepts.

  • Working closely with communities to develop long term strategic plans with clear steps for execution

 "The days of us feeling inferior are behind us"

Joe Dion